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A picture of me

I am Hendrik and currently a PhD-student at the Institute for Analytical Sociology (IAS) at Linköping University (LiU) in Sweden. Welcome to my personal website, where I keep you updated on all matters personal and occupational.

A sociologist and historian by training, I also know my ways around political theory and political economy. I work a lot with Machine Learning-based analysis and I am an experienced Open Source software developer. I like to bridge the gap between social scientific research and modern computer science. If you would like to connect, the best place would be on Twitter!

Most Recent Article

I stopped Measuring my Time, and you should too (June 18th, 2021)

We live in a very data-centric world and like to measure everything, from the steps we take each day to the time we spend online. While measuring steps can simply prompt you to walk more (especially during a pandemic where it’s normal to not leave the house on many days) sometimes measuring can have detrimental results. I had one of these experiences just recently, and therefore would like to warn you sometimes not to measure yourself.