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Abstract: After almost a year of Corona-induced remote work, it's time to return to Sweden.

After almost a year, I will be returning to Sweden this Sunday. Corona has certainly messed with everyone’s plans, but it is nice to have the outlook of very slowly normalizing conditions. Don’t get me wrong — we’re still far from normal, but at least there is a dim light at the horizon.

I have to go, not just to meet my colleagues (again or for the first time ever), but also since I have to switch flats. However, I also want to go. For the last nine months, my office was also my living room, and I barely left the house. I switched between the bedroom and the living room every 12 hours and that was about it. So it is a really good prospect to finally have a geographical change.

Additionally, my first year in this PhD is coming to an end, and I want to use this opportunity to prepare for my dissertation proposal exam, which is currently scheduled to mid November. Expect a longer review of my first year at the IAS then!

Since the last week was full of preparing a presentation, preparations for the journey, and a lot of other hassle (since our flat apparently decided to fall apart for no reason) I couldn’t prepare anything really valuable in terms of knowledge, but I promise to continue doing so in a few weeks!

Vi ses i sverige!

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Erz, Hendrik (2021). “Back to Sweden”., 3 Sep 2021,

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